Golfplan, Fream, Dale & Ramsey, has been providing golf course planning and design services in North America and Asia since 1972, and in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa since1973. Golfplan was founded by Ronald Fream, who began his career in golf architecture in 1966 with Robert Trent Jones, Inc., following six years of university education which emphasized ornamental horticulture.

Services have been provided in more than 60 countries on six continents, under almost every imaginable climatic and ecological situation. Broad international experience— from the arctic to the tropics to the desert—provides a unique foundation for decision making. This wide environmental, cultural and geographical experience, when combined with a university-educated team of professional designers, landscape architects, graphic artists, horticulturists, hydraulic and civil engineers, agronomists and construction specialists, results in completed projects of exceptionally high quality, with site-specific solutions that are environmentally harmonious.

The Golfplan goal is to help the client achieve a market-oriented and financially successful design solution, with a design approach that is visionary, innovative, creative, user-friendly, environmentally attuned, non-stereotyped, and marketable. Golfplan’s designs are always superior and site-specific courses, never mirror images or duplications of previous projects. We emphasize traditional and historic design. Trademarks and repetition do not occur at Golfplan. If there is a theme, it is that each course is of high quality, naturalistic, and is distinctly individual.

A comprehensive approach that gives careful attention to the golf and to all elements of the project is fundamental. Land use master planning, landscape architecture, construction economics and efficiency, long-term maintenance and appropriate ecological and environmental compatibility considerations are integral to our design process. We are concerned with the interrelationships, overall ambience and aesthetics of each element of the project, not only the golf course. We are concerned about the financial viability of the development program and owner’s objectives. Golfplan’s services are hands-on, personalized and timely. Working drawings prepared by Golfplan are second to none in thorough, practical competence. Greensite contour drawings are individually created with exceptional detail. Agronomic turfgrass management consultation is part of our continuing service, to assure long term quality and playability.

Bonari Kogen Golf Club, Mt. Bandai National Park, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Pezula Golf Club, Knysna, South Africa