Providing step-by step assistance with golf course project development or renovation. Golfplan’s comprehensive services are hands-on, personalized and timely. Golfplan provides highly detailed documentation from Master Planning through Construction Working Drawings. This detailed documentation provides quality control as well as cost and schedule efficiencies.

At the beginning of the planning process, Golfplan works with developers in evaluating the marketing needs of the project. If the project needs a ‘touring pro’ to help sell tee times or the surrounding development, Golfplan knows where to find them.

Golfplan believes in the team approach - utilizing input from owners and all project consultants to better identify the market and potential design solutions to maximize the success of the project.


Signature Golf Resorts, LLC is a real estate project facilitator that focuses on development, investment, master planning, and ownership of golf and tennis resorts, hospitality, residential and retail assets. Signature Golf Resorts, LLC coordinates all advisory, development, financial structuring, construction, stabilization, management and disposition.... See more

Golfplan’s Services
Program Development
Type of Development - Resort, Residential, Business/Commercial, Stand Alone
Type of Golf Course - Resort, Daily Fee, Municipal, Private
Style of Golf Course
Land Use Master Planning
Develop Conceptual Plan showing location and size of various land uses
for the entire project property ~ Example
Golf Course Architecture
Golf Course Master Planning ~ Example

- Routing of the Golf Course
- Perspective Sketches to convey character of the design
- Landscape Concept
- Water Feature Concept
- Preliminary Cost Estimate

Construction Documents

- Centerline Staking
- Feature Staking
- Site Clearing
- Cut and Fill
- Finish Grading ~ Example
- Schematic Drainage
- Green & Bunker Details ~ Example
- Irrigation
- Landscaping/Ornamental Horticulture
- Turfing
- Technical Specifications
- Construction Details
- Bill of Quantities

Turfgrass Management
Project Management
Golf Construction Supervision
Golf Course Shaping
Computer Animation ~ Example (~41MB mpg movie)




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