The Golfplan team provides site-specific, unique and creative design solutions with a comprehensive approach to golf course planning and architectural services. Our working drawings are unequalled in specificity and scope, resulting in budgets that remain valid throughout the entire process.

Golfplan’s designs are specific to the project environment and user market.   With an emphasis on traditional and historic design, Golfplan courses fit naturally on to their sites without relying on mirror images or duplications of previous projects. Each Golfplan course is of high quality, naturalistic and distinctly individual.

Land use master planning, landscape architecture, construction economics and efficiency, long-term maintenance and appropriate ecological and environmental compatibility considerations are integral to their design process. The interrelationships, overall ambience and aesthetics of each element of the project are as important as the golf course itself.

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Shore Gate Golf Course, Ocean View, New Jersey

Architect's design sketch, Shore Gate Golf Course